Custom Stainless Steel Rings

Zearrow creates beautiful custom-made stainless steel rings and addresses the growing needs of clients with high-quality and efficient production capacity and strives to give the most cost-effective, personalized jewelry solutions.

Strengthen Your Ring Brand With Custom Designs

Zearrow releases new designs and models of custom stainless steel rings every month or on a quarterly basis. If you fit into any of the below-listed sectors, including online jewelry stores, local jewelry shops, wholesale dealers, personal and private jewelry brands. Getting custom jewelry from us is a decent way to strengthen your brand.

Have Your Own Personalized Jewelry Designs? Want More Our In-House Portfolios?

Get Custom Stainless Steel Rings for Your Business

Zearrow offers complete customizable options and assists in improving the design of the drawings provided by the client.


From simple, thin to thick, braised rings, we make custom rings in standard, classic and unique shapes.


Sizes come in S, M and L. We have classic ring sizes varying from 10mm to 21 mm.


Yellow gold, rose gold, and nickel are some of the options we provide

Plating options

Choose from nickel plating, and copper plating for custom stainless steel rings.

Decoration options

Rhinestones, semi-precious stones, pearls, stones, shells.

Packaging options

Packaging options are strong and safeguard the jewelry from any damage.

Get Your Custom Stainless Steel Rings Order Fast

Full Consultation

The clients consult and have a consultation session initially so that our experts can get an idea of what type of custom stainless steel rings are expected by the clients.


Approve the design

The design given by the client will be drafted perfectly by our skilled artists. In addition to that, 3D designs are also created using computer-aided design tools.


Get a quote

After the custom design made by our expert is approved by the client, the customer needs to finalize a quote for the custom jewelry production.


Conduct Production

We manufacture the custom stainless steel rings, including electroplating, lost wax casting, laser welding, finishing, and carving.


Your Expertised Stainless Steel Rings Supplier

Zearrow was inaugurated in 2010, and quickly became one of the most prominent custom jewelry manufacturing companies. Our company has been making custom jewelry for the last 12 years with the help of 500 skilled workers. The manufacturing unit is spread across 10,000 square meters and it is equipped with world-class equipment that is replaced every 3 to 5 years.

Why Custom Stainless Steel Rings in Zearrow

Unique Design

We deliver custom stainless steel rings in standard designs, classical & grand styles, and also concept-oriented unique designs as per the request of the client.

Decades of Expertise

Zearrow has around 12 years of experience in the custom jewelry manufacturing industry. Our employees are highly skilled in making various jewelry designs and styles.

Full Service

We ensure to provide full service to our clients. Our primary focus is to handle and fulfill all the customers' demands from the start to the end-stage.

Best-in-class quality

We guarantee the greatest level of quality as we can readily interpret the design with a high degree of realism using best-in-class technology.

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