Custom Jewelry Manufacturer
In China

Enhanced by certified quality, unparalleled custom-made designs satisfy all business owners. Fast sampling in 5-7 days. Embrace the wonder of custom-made jewelry by visiting the top-tier factory.

Stainless Steel jewelry

The go-to option for those who love durable and anti-corrosive jewelry option. Easy to maintain and tough to wear out, stainless steel jewelry pieces have a gleaming touch to their finish.

Sterling Silver jewelry

The most precious jewelry material we offer. Used for precious jewelry and intricate designs, this material is of great value, with its luster and moonlight shine. Design elegant pieces that will catch the eye of all audiences and we will work our magic upon them.

Brass jewelry

One of the most affordable jewelry materials that gives you a robust look without costing much, and boasts a great advantage over those ornaments made of other materials – it is easy to maintain and these pieces stay in shape for a long time.

Either-Or Impactful Jewelry Solution

Forget all about stock designs – embrace the wonder of custom-made.

Fully-Customizable Options

corporate law

By understanding your budget and marketing plans, we draft you-required designs to help resonate with your audiences.

Tailor-made & Techniques

Offer attractive plating options(gold plating & PVD gold coating etc) to increase the worth of your jewelry.

Wide Material Options

Explore various materials including brass, stainless steel, and sterling.

Private Label for Your Brand

Efficient Jewerly Manufacturing

Delivers excellent products in a short span of time by speeding up all the steps of our manufacturing process. Open & Shipping Without Delay. 

You-Required Packaging

Relative and efficient packaging options promote your brand’s specialty while simultaneously keeping your jewelry saw and secure.

Hassle-free warranty support

Keep our customers’ satisfaction and success at the heart of all our preparations by 24/7 communication .

Why Choose Zearrow?


Starts from as low as 100 pieces no matter what kind of business scale clients are involved with

Factory Pricing

Custom-made jewelry with no middle costs to get unique designs come to life in our expert hands.

Fast sampling

Strive for customer satisfaction by unbelievably taking 5-7 days after the confirmation of the 3D drawings.

Short Turnaround

Take pride in our short turnaround period - the whole production cycle of a batch takes generally around 3-4 weeks.

Certified jewelry quality

Skillful professionals ensure that the quality never wane, with rigorous QC process carried out by AQL standards.

Hassle-free warranty support

Keep our customers’ satisfaction and success at the heart of all our preparations by 24/7 communication .

Boost Jewelry Business Whoever You Are

Internet Celebrity

we ensure the production of appropriate pieces that help your brand to achieve lower production costs.

Ecommerce brand

Fulfilling your audience requirements with brandlogo to extend your market shares.

Jewelry & retailer shop owners

Top-tier jewelry at low costs to satisfy your customers' needs with varied and unique collections.

Jewelry wholesalers & distributors

Trust our incredible capacity to manufacture exquisite jewelry pieces in extraordinary numbers.

Make It Happened, Whatever Designs & Materials

Zearrow ensures that every particular customer’s needs are satisfied in the best way possible. We make sure to mold our approach as per the customer demands and deliver the best products at the right time.


Custom Jewelry From Sketch to Reality

Corfirm Your Design Needs

Transform your any design into a better version by design expertise by suggesting changes.

– Render 3D model within 2 days

– Optimize product specifics and budget with a proposal, including material, finish, and structure.

3D Printing & Sample Making

Offer a short production cycle period by employing jewelry experts who come up with several reliable designs
– Customize sample within 5 ~ 7 days.

– Make sample(mold-making needed) within 3 week

Experience High-quality Sample

Cooperate with clients to make changes to the prototype to arrive at a design that suits market needs.
– Make sure the sample quality same as those in bulk.
– Arrive within 5 to 7 days with speedy logistics (DHL/FedEx).

How Top-Notched Electroplating
Factory Makes Jewelry


Decades of electroplating experience.

Customer-focused plating service.

full electroplating inspection tests.

Customer-focused plating service.

Electroplating that adds a layer of protection as well as aesthetic beauty to your jewelry is the most efficient process in manufacturing. With Zearrow, your products are ensured with the best plating procedures to give a smooth and shiny finish – no more rusting or dull appearance.

Industry-Leading Jewelry Factory In China

The perfect combination of hard-working individuals, high-class machines, and able facilities ensure precision of the designs

Wax Modeling





Final Inspection

Certified Jewelry Quality Ensured By A Dozen of Process

Years of experience has led Zearrow to being one of the best custom jewelry manufacture who has the resources to conduct levels of tests in jewelry production.


Salt Spray Test

Vibration Abrasion Test

Plating Thickness Test

Color Assessment Test

Sulfur Dioxide Test

High Temperature Test

What Do Our Clients Say

Time & Money Saving

One-Stop Jewelry Solution

by delivering jewelry in self-owned factory


We were extremely pleased to work with Zearrow as it has more than 10 years of experience in the industry, They have integrated a number of strong material manufacturers such as semi-precious stone/natural stone manufacturers, pearl manufacturers, stainless steel material manufacturers, etc. Under the premise of high quality, they offer more competitive prices for our brand customers.

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Ecommerce Brand


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