Custom Jewelry Design Support For Business Purpose

Design is where everything starts. Zearrow, is happy to provide comprehensive jewelry customization to help maximize your brand effect and more importantly, your profit. From jewelry materials to structures and styles, we manage to fullfill requirements of all kinds from designers of all preferences.

User-Focused Ideas Led by Material Research

Following sheer passion, we’ve also spent dacades in research for new materials and updating our available jewelry color chart to bring even better products. You can see that in the eyes of our design & engineer team memebers when they are designing for client’s custom jewelry series, or in the thousands of sketches we’ve done for our clients.

Zearrow imagined



Through out the creative process, we aim to preserve our clients’ original ideas and at the same time reshape the concept based on market research and data, creating a unique design that aligns with current fashion trend.

There are always more than one way to solve a problem. For your specific request on quality and budget range, we would offer equivalent solutions covering materials, technics, and more.

Balancing design and manufacturing expertise

With the optimized and error-proof process which brings disigners and engineers to work together at an early stage, we are able to make the jewelry pieces as accurate as possible.

Plan Ahead, Start Early, That's What Makes Zearrow A Better Solution

Every Detail is Considered To Create Perfection

Design By Hand, Guided With Experience

We want to be there with you from the very beginning of your project. Starting early allows us more time to find the perfect materials and the way to make them into pretty jewelry pieces with speed. We’ve also been working close with raw material suppliers, only to make it easier to find quality & abundant materials.

Concepts Crafted Into Reality

To help and witness a jewelry design idea to grow and thrive can be so thrilling. From the raw and wild concept to 2D sketch, 3D drawings, and finally the real jewelry pieces, we’ve got your back.

2D Design Sketch

You don’t need to be an artist to be a jewelry designer. With description on the idea, our designer team can provide 2-3 2D digital sketches for you.

3D Rendering & CAD Drawing

Once the sketch is settled, we can move on to the 3D drawing process. The 3D file is the fundamental element for future molding and mass production .

Production Sample

After retouching and confirming, we can finally make the digital file into real, shiny jewelry. With the materials you choose, the product sample will be done in a few days.

Have A Design Already?

We are happy to help visualize that! If you need any further details or project evaluation, feel free to let us help.

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