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WIth the help of our skilled professionals,  Zearrow brings your perfect custom jewelry designs to life by

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Custom Jewelry Materials


Find an exquisite range of gemstones that are perfect for customization. All our gemstones are hand-picked by professionals and are handled with extreme care


One of the most popular stones used in fashion jewelry, zircon is known for its luminous shine. We offer customization options with zircon and rhinestones – dial up the beauty of your jewelry pieces by opting to embed these lovely stones.


Made using different types of pearls including synthetic ones. By attaching pearls on a piece of jewelry, we enhance the beauty of the piece immensely. You can customize a great range of pearl necklaces, bracelets, and earrings with Zearrow.

Bring Your Design From Sketch to Reality

Submit a project request

Submit your project request and our experienced design team helps in polishing your custom design further.


Approve the design

Request client to suggest any changes, and we cooperate further on remodeling and embellishing the designs.


Get a quote

By understanding customer needs and considering the order quantity, we establish a quote for the project.


Conduct Production

Provide our clients with 3D models of their custom designs for a finer look at the design.


End-to-End Communications for Your Desired Design

Communicate in detail with our client regarding some of the important factors that determine our manufacturing process

Your client profile

By knowing more about the age and gender of your target audience, we proceed with designing appropriate jewels for particular audience groups.

Your budget range

helps us determine the right material and customization, among other factors, for the production of custom-designed jewelry pieces.

Your sales scheme

By understanding more about your sales plans, we design feasible solutions that will cater to your current and future needs.

Worried About Missing Out on Current Jewelry Trends?

Do not worry, Zearrow has it covered for you. We launch 500 new jewelry designs every month to keep up with the audience’s taste. Also, we excel in manufacturing special designs in bulk amounts during festive seasons to satisfy our clients and their customers.

Bring Your Design From Sketch to Reality In 3 Steps

CAD Jewelry Design

Creating 3D designs in CAD software enables the clients to take a closer look at all the details of the design from several angles.

3D Rendering

Convert a real-life 3D jewelry piece into 2D photorealistic images to inspect the product closely so that the client can gain an idea about the final look of the jewelry piece.

Resin/Wax Modeling

With the help of wax/resin casts, intricate jewelry pieces are carved to life. keep an eye on the molding of our wax casts and ensure that only the best ones are employed for the jewelry making process.

Meet Zearrow Design Team

With 10+ years of design experience, Zearrow helps customers customize 5 series of design renderings in 2 days. provide customers with 3D renderings of product structure, size and color

Check out the fashion designers who create jewelry pieces incorporated into the look, and shop the style directly from this page.

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