Evergreen Hot Seller Birthstone Jewelry Collection

Birthstones have a solid appeal for many jewelry lovers, as it’s believed these stones could influence the wearer’s personality. Endear your audience more to your brand with expertly-made jewelry highlighting these birthstones’ unique properties and natural luster.

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Birthstone Jewelry Inspirations

The colorful and mysterious birthstone has been a long-term and worldwide babe in the jewelry world. From birthstones derived countless jewelry designs that are both classic and popular.

Birthstone By Month

January - Garnet

Color: Red

Symbolism: Garnet, with its deep red hue, symbolizes protection, strength, and regeneration. It is believed to enhance self-confidence, balance energies, and offer courage in times of adversity.

February - Amethyst

Color: Purple

Symbolism: Amethyst, with its serene purple tones, symbolizes wisdom, clarity, and spiritual growth. It is believed to promote inner peace, inspire creativity, and provide mental clarity.

March - Aquamarine

Color: Light Blue

Symbolism: Aquamarine, reminiscent of tranquil waters, symbolizes serenity, courage, and effective communication. It is believed to bring calmness, enhance relationships, and aid self-expression.

April - Diamond

Color: Clear or White

Symbolism:Diamond’s clear brilliance symbolizes purity, invincibility, and eternal love. It is believed to bring clarity of thought, amplify energies, and strengthen relationships, representing everlasting commitment.

May - Emerald


Symbolism:Emerald’s lush green color symbolizes growth, renewal, and harmony. It is believed to promote wisdom, enhance intuition, and offer a sense of balance, fostering unity and connection.

June - Pearl, Moonstone

Color: White or Gray

Symbolism: Pearls and moonstones, with their iridescent hues, symbolize purity, protection, and intuition. They are believed to bring calming energy, enhance emotional balance, and foster inner growth and strength.

July - Ruby

Color: Red

Symbolism:Ruby’s fiery red color symbolizes passion, energy, and love. It is believed to ignite desire, strengthen relationships, and inspire courage. The stone carries a sense of vitality and enthusiasm.

August - Peridot

Color: Green

Symbolism: Peridot’s refreshing green shade symbolizes protection, health, and positivity. It is believed to ward off negative energies, alleviate stress, and encourage personal growth. The stone is associated with renewal and abundance.

September - Sapphire

Color: Blue

Symbolism: Sapphire’s rich blue hue symbolizes wisdom, loyalty, and nobility. It is believed to bring mental clarity, enhance spiritual insight, and foster intuition. The stone represents purity, enhancing communication and serenity.

October - Opal, Tourmaline


Symbolism: Opals and tourmalines, with their multicolored brilliance, symbolize creativity, hope, and inspiration. They are believed to amplify creativity, encourage self-expression, and bring positive energies and healing.

November - Topaz, Citrine

Color: Yellow or Orange

Symbolism:Topaz and citrine, with their warm tones, symbolize joy, abundance, and success. They are believed to bring happiness, promote abundance, and enhance confidence, fostering a sense of empowerment and positivity.

December - Turquoise, Zircon

Color: Blue

Symbolism:Turquoise and zircon, with their calming blue shades, symbolize friendship, good fortune, and success. They are believed to provide protection, enhance communication, and attract prosperity and positive energies.

What Determines Birthstone Jewelry Cost?

01- Stone Types

The value of gemstones generally depends on their color, cut, clarity, and carat. While most birthstones are very valuable, some are more valuable than others, meaning they will cost more. Diamond, ruby, sapphire, and emerald are examples of highly valuable birthstones sold at higher prices compared to semi-precious stones like topaz and amethyst. Although each stone has its unique meaning that creates personal value, keep in mind that the type selected will influence the monetary value.

Metal type and quality play a huge role in the beauty, wearability, and price of birthstones. Each stone is best paired with a specific metal of perfectly-suited color that greatly intensifies its look and increases its value. For example, diamond birthstones are best set in noble metals, such as various shades of gold and platinum, while amethyst stones look stunning in silver settings. The metal setting cost will considerably affect the jewelry’s price.

Cutting style determines a stone’s brilliance and its degree of clarity. The round brilliant cut is one of the most expensive cutting styles because of its resulting high amount of facets, extreme clarity, and exceptional sparkle. Birthstones that undergo such demanding and expert cutting styles will cost more than others with less-expensive cutting styles. The use of challenging metal plating methods will also influence the ultimate cost of a birthstone.

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