Private Label Jewelry

Zearrow produces private label jewelry for clients who wish to acquire the latest trendy styles and elegant designs of rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets at reasonable prices.

Jewelry at Your Private Label Options

As the fashion jewelry industry gets more competitive, maintaining a private label fashion collection has never been a more appealing strategy to attract new customers as it increases brand integrity, securing their borders, and gaining more customers.

Stainless Steel

Sterling Silver

Eco Brass

Why Private Label Jewelry Business in Zearrow


12 years of experience ensures latest trendy styles and elegant designs


Produced with careful attention to minute details by full plating line.


Update more than 500 + personalized jewelry designs monthly


Self-made designs confirmed by clients and expertise with 3D files

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    Custom Jewelry Packaging Options For Your brands

    Eco-friendly packaging methods used for packing custom jewelry piece are sturdy and can be recycled. The packaging prevents scratches and enhances the protection of the jewelry.

    Jewelry Techniques for Exquisite Surface

    High polish or high shine finishing by using the polishing wheel to coat the jewelry piece to a glossy shine. The finishing procedure also eliminates any uneven or blurry areas on the metal. Other jewelry finishes include brushed, satin, and hammered.

    Chemical etched

    An engraving technique that involves removing material with a high-pressure and high-temperature chemical spray to create a permanently etched image in the jewelry.

    Mechanical engraved

    A milling cutter passes over the surface of the jewelry piece during the mechanical engraving process. The milling cutter eliminates the material's surface with its rotational action for carving letters or designs.

    Laser engraved

    The lines formed by laser engraving are sharp, smooth, and permanent since the tools are computer-controlled and the layout is mathematically predicted. A blackening technique, specific font, or even an image can be engraved on curved and flat surfaces.

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