Private Label Jewelry Manufacturer

Zearrow produces private label jewelry for clients who wish to acquire the latest trendy styles and elegant designs of rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets at reasonable prices.

With Private Label Jewelry

Anyone Can Build a Successful Jewelry Brand

Whether you’re an experienced jewelry designer, an online marketer or an entrepreneur, private labeling can help you be successful launching your own jewelry brand.

If you’re a seasoned pro and you’re ready to move forward, Zearrow is here to help expand your brand.

If you’re new to the jewelry industry with ambition, we are more than happy to lead your way to a successful world debut.

Whatever Your Business Goal

Benefit From Jewelry Protoyping & Distributing With Zearrow

Flexibility with Private Label Jewelry

Freedom in Designs & Materials

Pair simple selecting with curated customization. If you have only a vague design idea in mind, our design and engineering experts are ready to help make it concrete. You can also choose from existing products and make it into your own design by changing the colors, materials, gemstones, elements, and so on.

Support & Secure Your Brand & Logo

Zearrow fully supports every partner and their jewelry brand. With our private label service, you are free to choose and decide the logo you would like to engrave on the jewelry(tags, bar and etc.). To go even further, we supplies private label jewelry packaging service for you to make your own jewelry packaging with logo printed.

How to Private Label Jewelry with Zearrow

Research and Design

Research your market, Identify your market competitors, as well as the current jewelry trends.

Your Branding Elements

Create your brand elements and content, especially brand name and logo for later engraving.

Support & Integration

Talk to the Zearrow specialist to finalize the design, including the jewelry piece and packaging if you need.


After confirming the design, our factory kick off the manufacturing process to make the sample piece.

Order Your First Batch of Products

If you are happy with the sample, you can make your official order! We will cut lead time for production and shipping time as much as possible.

Jewelry Techniques For Your Logo Tag & Pendant Bar

Chemical Etched

An engraving technique that involves removing material with a high-pressure and high-temperature chemical spray to create a permanently etched image in the jewelry.

Mechanical Engraved

A milling cutter passes over the surface of the jewelry piece during the mechanical engraving process. The milling cutter eliminates the material's surface with its rotational action for carving letters or designs.

Laser Engraved

The lines formed by laser engraving are sharp, smooth, and permanent since the tools are computer-controlled and the layout is mathematically predicted. A blackening technique, specific font, or even an image can be engraved on curved and flat surfaces.

Custom Jewelry Packaging Options For Your Brands

Eco-friendly packaging methods used for packing custom jewelry piece are sturdy and can be recycled. The packaging prevents scratches and enhances the protection of the jewelry.

Ethical Private Label Jewelry Manufacturer

Zearrow is a global leader in ethical & sustainable jewelry manufacturing. Our unique approach to the industry takes into account the needs of buyer, supplier, and mother nature. We particularly encourage and support small businesses , both brands and suppliers. At the end of the day, doing business ethically requires only a commitment to do the right thing. We ensure all the materials are ethically source and do no harm to the environment. It’s not hard to be ethical, but it does require commitment.

Ready to Start A Project?

Made up your mind yet or still hesitant? Anyway, if you need any further details or project evaluation, feel free to let us help.

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