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Outsource Jewelry Production

As specialists in the design and manufacturing of custom jewelry, we go above and beyond to make your final vision a reality.

Jewelry Perfectly Customised to Your Specifications

Zearrow enjoys growing together with startups and supporting established brands to aim high. Whether you want designer jewelry manufacturer that cater to small batch order for your jewelry ideas, or a trustworthy partner for jewelry contract manufacturing, we are happy to help.
Small-Scale Projects

We’ll find a solution that perfectly fits your design challenge.

Over a decade, Zearrow has helped hundreds of ambitious designers and business startups with our in-house jewelry factory, making bespoke and unique jewelry pieces loved by the worldwide market.

Are you looking for a manufacturer that can guide you through starting a jewelry business? Or perhaps you hope to bring your captivating jewelry designs into reality and to your customers?

For those with passion & inspiration, who want to get their jewelry designs manufactured, Zearrow provides small-batch custom jewelry as well as other related services. Here are some of our most common services.

Logo & Text Engraving

Machine engrave or laser etch beautifully sharp brand name, logos, inscriptions, and more that will maintain their beauty with long-term durability.

Bespoke Packaging

Eco-friendly jewelry packaging with your logos on. We offer pouches and boxes as options, you can choose and custom the packaging tailored for your brand image.

Mixing and Matching

Feel free to spice it up a little by jewelry styles mixing and matching. When you are not sure about certain details like clasps, links, and even materials, you can well choose and change based on our advice.

Customisied Sizing

You will need to decide the size range of the jewelry, especially rings and bracelets according to your target market. We will help with the size range settling and offer adjustable designs for you to solve it quick.

We make jewelry according to your designs, and we provide supports like 3D rendering and advice on matrials. You can also choose from existing styles and make your own touch of alternations on gemstones, colors, and more. All the products will be under your name, and your brand. We send samples for confirmation before manufacturing too.

If you don’t see what you want on the list, not sure if what you want is possible, or just want more information, please contact our service team.

Large-Scale Projects

Bespoke customisation service for big brands, renowned jewelry designers, and Influencers.

Zearrow works with seasoned jewelry brand and business owners to deliver captivating fashion jewelry. So many have walk on to the next level with our fine crafted products and their own strength & tenacity。

Need a manufacturer who runs a self-own factory and supervise the whole production? Or perhaps you are planning a long-term partnership for jewelry contract manufacturing?

For all you need, you can find a solution in Zearrow. We craft every piece of the product with pride and are confident to serve. You are always welcome to take a visit to our China based office and factory.

Cost Saving

40% total costs saved by optimizing structure and shipping routes

We know well the challenges await when it comes to jewelry outsource mass production. To help you cut down costs & maximize profit, we help optimize every jewlery design, making sure to use less materials for better effects. We also scale up shipping weight and routes accordingly to secure your budget.

Time Saving

50% time saved by integrated supply chain and technics

Zearrow’s got a supportive network of suppliers. With help from this ingegrated web, we are able to get raw materials at almost any time. We’ve also employed technics to work on jewelry parts simultaneously, reducing time by up to 50%. All we want is simple: deliver your order ASAP.
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    Have a jewelry design idea or some questions?  Get in touch with a member of our team who can bring your ideas to reality.

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