Jewelry Quality

Authorized Jerwely Certifications

Delivering top quality jewelry is Zearrow’s primary goal and to accomplish this, we run quality inspections (following AQL standards) on different stages of the production process.

Raw Material Inspection

We believe that every step of our manufacturing process should be executed with precision, and to ensure this we start our inspection right from the base – the raw materials. Raw material inspection lets us make sure that all the base materials used for the production of jewelry pieces are thoroughly checked for defects.

Over the years, we have extended our partnership with trustworthy suppliers who have consistently supplied top-quality raw materials.

Salt Spray Test

To ensure that all our products are rust-resistant, we employ the salt spray test which is done using the salt spray test machine. During this test, the jewelry pieces are subject to 24 hours of continuous spraying of salt solution.

After the test period, the jewels are inspected for any possible rusting, peeling, or discoloration. With the help of this test, we make sure that our jewels at Zearrow are corrosion-resistant and durable.

Vibration Abrasion Test

The vibration abrasion test helps to determine the amount of wear and tear a piece of jewelry can undergo. This test is usually performed on plated products with the help of a grinder, and the time period for the test varies from 5-20 minutes depending on the thickness of coating.


The edges of a product and the area near the hole are subject to wear and tear. We can conclude that a product has passed this test when its flat surface remains undamaged at the end of the test.

Tensile test

The tensile test is employed for jewelry pieces that usually pose the hazard for strangulation or choking. In this test, a bracelet or a necklace is pulled under tension with a force of 15 pounds for 10 seconds. If at the end of the test the jewelry piece remains partially deformed or completely undamaged, then it will be declared to have passed the test.


Tensile test is done with the help of a software controlled tensile tester. This test also ensures that the product is durable and long-lasting.

Sulfur Dioxide Test

We prepare 7 liters of 10% sulfuric acid (10% Sulfuric acid) and pour it into the test box. The relative mixing degree is 100%, and the indoor temperature is 40 °C. After 8 hours, put it in a room of 16±5 °C for 16 hours (this is the first round of testing).


 After that, the samples were taken out of the corrosion chamber, and then rinsed thoroughly with deionized water, and then the appearance of the samples was observed after the samples were dry.

Constant Temperature Test

At Zearrow, we ensure the higher durability and better anti-corrosive properties of our jewels by employing a constant temperature test. Our jewel pieces are subjected to high temperatures for a standard time – if the product is unscathed by the end of this test, then it is established to have passed the test.


Generally, an oven is used for this test – the jewelry is placed inside the oven for a fixed time period. The constant temperature test assesses the ability of the jewelry to withstand high temperature and humidity.

Transportation Test

It is crucial that jewelry should withstand constant wear and tear – be it the environmental conditions or other factors. To ensure that our jewelry stays intact during the transportation process, we employ the transportation test.


The product is placed inside a case and the case is rotated 238 times per minute, for 60 minutes. This test ensures that the jewelry will remain safe and whole even when put through constant obstacles.

Appearance Verification

Jewelry is all about beauty and fashion, so it is crucial for the jewelry pieces to look proper and lovely. During the appearance verification, our quality inspectors make sure that all our manufactured products fit their appropriate size, color, and shape.


By ensuring consistent quality throughout all our jewelry types and materials, we make sure that our clients are supplied with only the best jewels that will fit any wearer perfectly.

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