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Effective Quality Management

Jewelry from Zearrow are produced through uplifted standards. We’ve tailored comprehensive regulations focusing on quality control, and the products are tested accordingly after every step in the manufacturing process. All these are to make sure the custom-made jewelry meet up to your expectations 100%.

Raw Material Inspection

Suppliers Risk Management

We work ONLY with suppliers who are responsible in case of morality, society, and environmental protection. All the metal and raw gemstones need both testing report and the purchase contract to be part of the future finished products, making sure they are harmless, and ethically sourced.

Each Process Has Standard Operating Instructions

Based on the ISO 9001 systems, we create and keep updating our own operating instructions to produce jewelry of even better quality. For every stage in production, we set up a specific testing round to ensure absolute quality. This is where Zearrow stands out as a different jewelry manufacturing company.


8 way to plating quality inspection processes

Superior plating to make long lasting waterproof & anti-tarnish jewelry. With Zearrow’s in-house lab, we set up a 9-step process to test and check the finished product thoroughly to keep our promise on execptional jewelry quality.

Finish Inspection for Every Product

According to product types and technics used, later inspections cover different items focusing on the possible defections. Every piece of jewelry go through the process.

Design/Structural Inspection
Appearance Inspection

Transparency and Traceability

Depending on your product, we offer multiple selections of material to help solve issues preemptively that may occur during any time of your shipping and handling processes.

Transparent material sources

We documente the contracts we signed with every one of our suppliers. Feel free to take a look at the purchasing records if you like a lovely trip to China.

Trace Every Single Material Batch

Even after the order kicks off its shipping journey, the circle is not finished yet. If it’s what you need, we can tag the products with batch number , making them tracable all the way to their source.

Sample the Goods

If you’re curious what our jewelry look like up close and personal, order a pre-printed Zearrow Sample Kit to see our current material and print quality options..

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