OEM Jewelry

Zearrow produces OEM jewelry for clients who wish to acquire the latest trendy styles and elegant designs of rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets at reasonable prices.

Fully-Customizable Jewlry Options


Pick your own design, including the pattern, texture, material, and color

Plating Methods

Choose gold plating (14k, 18k, 24k), silver plating, platinum plating, and rose gold plating, in different thicknesses

Finishing Techniques

High polish or high shine finishing by using the polishing wheel to coat the jewelry piece to a glossy shine

Packaging alternatives

Sturdy and recycled packaging prevents scratches and enhances the protection of the jewelry.

Pattern Variesties

Supply the unique works that clients appeal by metals, plating, & stones to meet specific price points to meet margin demands

Brand Logo

Pick the location to engrave your brand logo in the jewelry, indented or raised.

Why OEM Jewelry Business in Zearrow


Numerous outstanding colors, including gold, platinum, and rose gold.


Produced with careful attention to minute details by full plating line.


Update more than 500 + personalized jewelry designs monthly


Self-made designs confirmed by clients and expertise with 3D files

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    Your Expert OEM Jewelry Manufacturer

    With about 500 skilled workers and a 10,000 square meters production workshop, Zearrow over a decade of experience handcrafts high-end jewelry in self-owned factory by a complete quality management system, instead of some quality control process after production.

    By cooperating with the top three jewelry material  factories in China, We promise that every jewelry product goes through 100% quality inspection, not random inspection.
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