Your Guide to Sustainable Jewelry

We work actively with experts who inspects our processes & products, using science-based strategies to lead our sustainability journey. With a plan that encompasses our intentions and goals, we can make positive, lasting changes and ensure that sustainability stays at the top.

We are the Most Sustainable Jewelry Manufacturer in China

Ambitiously, we want to transform our production processes and all of our products and achieve zero emissions. This is not an easy task, but it is essential, and we expect to make it come true by 2025.

To do this, we are constantly making small changes, while also investing in large-scale sustainability projects. We are proud to be a leader in the quest for a green future, and we welcome your feedback to help us go further.

Recycling is at the Heart of Our Cycle

Responsible sourcing

We use 100% recyclable stainless steel, brass, silver and gold for our products, which can be melted down and made into new goods. We need to make sure too that every supplier working with us have their valid sustainability certificates.

Biodegradable packaging material

We provide eco-friendly jewelry packaging solution. The biodegradable packages will finish thier life circle in less than one generation, leaving only water, carbon dioxide, and mineral substances and other natural elements.

Sustainable Technologies

We employ efficient, energy-saving electroplating (such as PVD) technologies and use fully automated cleaning processes for water filtration and recycling. All our equipments have been audited, and we now understand the mechanical keys to improve efficiency and reduce emissions.

Inspiring Others to Take Bold Action

Our commitment to environmental sustainability extends beyond production to the entire lifecycle of our jewelry. We are implementing a program to recycle old jewelry to reduce landfill waste and maximize recycling. With our own foundry, all recycled metal is melted down and reused.
Sample the Goods

If you’re curious what our jewelry look like up close and personal, order a pre-printed Zearrow Sample Kit to see our current material and print quality options..

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