Zearrow undertake an elaborate jewelry manufacturing process where the quality of the product is inspected closely at each step.

Lean Jewelry Manufacturing Step-By-Step


Designing custom labels enables our clients to distinguish their brand and products from others. With unique designs, fonts, and catchy graphics, we create highly marketable custom labels that will play a key part in promoting your brand.


Wax Modeling

The process of pouring a molten metal into a cast made using a wax model, to create exquisite pieces with great details.

Depending on the material used, we adapt to different types of lost wax casting procedures. Mostly precious metals like gold, silver, and bronze are cast using this jewelry casting method.


Mold Making

We produce our own molds using different materials including metal and silicone molds. Each mold comes in handy during the process of a different type of jewelry piece – our expert team has the right knowledge of using the perfect mold for the perfect jewel.


Jewelry Welding

Laser welding finds a variety of purposes in jewelry making – from making edits to existing designs and pieces, or building new pieces.We employ this technique in resizing jewelry pieces, reassembling and repairing several minute parts of jewelry pieces.  It involves the usage of a high-concentrated laser beam that helps in the welding of two different materials, create narrow, deep welds, and achieve pure welding.


Jewelry Engraving

Used for creating several special effects and producing minute details, laser engraving creates intricate details in jewelry pieces with the help of a laser. It avoids manual error and helps in bulk production of similar looking jewelry pieces with fine detailings. With computer-operated controls, we produce jewelry with accurate engravings in large batches.


Jewelry Finishing

Adding the perfect finishing touch to jewelry is a very important process that elevates the particular product’s look. We employ several techniques to bring the perfect shine to our jewelry pieces and make them stand out as unique ones. Ranging from chemical processes to polishing techniques, there are several processes including high shine, matte finish, and enameling.

Jewelry Setting

While handling custom jewel designs, Zearrow strives to satisfy the expectations of its clients by providing different custom jewelry settings, be it standard and popular setting types followed all around the globe.


Get A Glance At Zearrow Well-Furnished Plating Plants

Our factory area extends up to 10,000 sq.meters where we execute our mass production efficiently. With separate production lines for copper, silver, and stainless steel, we are able to attain an impressive production capacity of around 150w pieces/month.

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